The Educational Psychology Service aims to improve the development and learning of children and young people from birth to 24 years old.

An Educational Psychologist will work with a child and family if there are concerns about the development, learning or behaviour of the child. In all cases we discuss the child and their progress with the parents and the staff in the school or nursery to identify an appropriate level of involvement for the psychologist.

The Educational Psychology Service:

  • Assess children and young people with additional support needs
  • Gives advice to parents and teachers about appropriate methods of education
  • Provides support for the children and young people with additional support needs
  • Gives advice to Social Work and other agencies on the needs of children and young people
  • Provides training, research and development work.

All Educational Psychologists are trained to a postgraduate level, registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council and keep to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the British Psychological Society.

Parents and young people are asked for their permission for us to become involved. Our support can also be requested directly. Parents are able to request an educational psychology assessment which should be done in writing (or other permanent form) to the Principal Educational Psychologist.

For more information, please speak to your child's school or contact us:

Further information is available at the Falkirk Educational Psychology Service Blog