Falkirk's Community Learning and Development (CLD) Action Plan 2018-2021

CLD Regulations mean Falkirk Council must publish a 3 year CLD Action Plan (2018-2021). The Plan shows how CLD partners within the Falkirk Council area intend to meet the need for CLD. Falkirk Council approved the Falkirk CLD Action Plan on 07 September 2018.

The plan links with Falkirk's strategic and local community planning to ensure a co-ordinated approach. Communities and learners are also involved in assessment, planning and evaluation of CLD provision within their local communities.

Falkirk CLD Partnership will produce an annual report detailing how it has implemented the Falkirk CLD Action Plan and what impact CLD partners are making within the Falkirk Council area.

Community Learning Newsletter - Spring-Summer 2018
Falkirk's Community Learning and Development Action Plan 2021-2024

Service performance

Falkirk Council's Community Learning and Development Service (CLDS) regularly reports on how the Service is performing. Detailed below are performance reports for 2017-2018. The reports cover the following areas of work:

Activity Agreement Performance Report 2017-2018
Digital Skills Provision Performance Report 2017
ESOL Provision Performance Report 2017-2018
Literacy Provision Performance Report 2017-2018
Universal Youth Work Performance Report 2017-2018
Work In School Performance Report for 2017-2018
Work with Community Organisations Performance Report 2017-2018

CLDS also leads on Falkirk Council Food Initiative. Detailed below is the latest performance report for Falkirk Council Food Initiative.

Falkirk Council Food Initiative Report

If you would like further information on the service please email Clearning@falkirk.gov.uk or telephone 01324 506666.