We can help if you, or a friend or family member need help coping with being deaf, blind, deafblind or hard of hearing.

We can provide services that can help make everyday living much easier.

These services include:

  • Assessing your needs for what help and assistance we can provide
  • Helping you get equipment to keep you safe and independent
  • Training to help you manage in your home or get out and about again
  • Support to read your mail
  • Help you get to the shops or do what's important to you
  • Interpreting sign language

We can also provide details of other services and organisation that can help you.

Sign language interpreter service

We provide a sign language interpreter service to help you communicate. This can be face-to-face or online interpreting.

Why should you use an interpreter?

An interpreter allows a deaf person to communicate in their first language, sign language. This makes communication clearer and more effective. An interpreter will make sure that the information is being fully understood.

Will you have to pay for an interpreter?

If you are communicating with a council service, there is no charge for using an interpreter. We will tell you if you have to pay for an interpreter service for other organisations or reasons.

How do you get help from an interpreter?

You can book an interpreter by contacting us:

You will need to tell us:

  • When and where the meeting is
  • How long you will need the interpreter for
  • Your contact details
  • Any special requirements, such as special communication needs

You can also get help to read your mail

We can help if your visual or hearing loss causes you severe difficulties in reading your mail. This can be through translation, giving you equipment or allocating a support worker to you.

  • Translation appointments - A worker proficient in sign language will provide support, advice and guidance on written documents
  • Equipment - We will assess your needs and let you know what equipment would help you and how you can get it
  • Support worker service - We will assess your needs and allocate a worker who suits you and your needs. They will help you read and respond to paperwork