Our Conflict Resolution Service aims to improve the quality of life in communities in the Falkirk Council area. The service is committed to helping people feel safe within their community. We offer specialist advice and assistance for people experiencing antisocial behaviour or neighbour disputes.

Our specially trained officers deal with all levels of antisocial behaviour. They work with Police Scotland, voluntary agencies, and other council services to tackle antisocial behaviour.

The service can:

  • Provide mediation
  • Identify and take the appropriate course of action to address the situation
  • Investigate antisocial behaviour
  • Gather evidence needed to take legal action
  • Act as professional witnesses in court
  • Apply for Antisocial Behaviour Orders
  • Access support for those affected by, and those perpetrating, antisocial behaviour
  • Utilise specialist surveillance equipment to gather evidence


Our Mediation Service gives people the opportunity to resolve issues about neighbours or low-level antisocial behaviour with the help of professionally trained Mediation and Intervention Officers. Please see our Mediation page for more information.

This service is free and voluntary. For mediation to be successful, everyone involved must show that they are willing to resolve the situation.

We also offer family mediation for young people to help prevent them becoming homeless. Please see our Family Mediation page for more information.