We want everyone to feel safe in their community and in their home. We use a staged approach to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Our staged approach is:

  1. Mediation and/or help and advice
  2. First warning
  3. Acceptable Behaviour Agreement (ABA)
  4. Second warning
  5. Final warning
  6. Legal action

We work with partner agencies, such as Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue and the NHS, to tackle antisocial behaviour. In order to carry out enforcement action we require corroboration from two independent sources, this can be from other neighbours or from one of our partner agencies.

Falkirk Community Safety Partnership Antisocial Behaviour Strategy 2023-2028

Together with our partners, we are launching the latest Falkirk Community Safety Partnership Antisocial Behaviour Strategy 2023-2028.

Our new strategy which offers an overview of the issues affecting our communities and the way Falkirk Council along with our partner agencies and our communities are planning on addressing antisocial behaviour over the next five years.

Antisocial Behaviour Strategy 2023-2028

How to report antisocial behaviour

Early reporting is key to us assessing the situation. Please note that each case is assessed on an individual basis and may not require action in the first instance.

For example, you can report or get advice on:

  • excessive noise by neighbours including loud TV/playing loud music/or having noisy parties
  • neighbours banging or shouting
  • abusive behaviour or language
  • domestic appliances or DIY work late at night

You can report antisocial behaviour 24 hours a day online or by calling 01324 50 60 70.

In order to progress your report or give advice we need your contact details. These will be treated with the strictest of confidence and in line with UK GDPR.

To report concerns on housing land please contact the Housing Community Estates Team.

Antisocial behaviour can be dealt with by: