Everyone has the right to feel safe in their community and in their home. Nobody should have to tolerate antisocial behaviour such as noisy neighbours, graffiti, abusive behaviour or language.

We work with our partner agencies, such as Police Scotland, Scottish ire and Rescue and the NHS, to resolve any antisocial behaviour issues.

It is best to report problems early so we can deal with them as quickly as possible. We will look at and assess each situation on an individual basis.

How to report antisocial behaviour

If you would like to report an issue or get advice, please contact us.

You can report antisocial behaviour 24 hours a day by filling in the "Report antisocial behaviour" form or by calling the Antisocial behaviour reporting line (you do not need to tell us your name).

Other ways to report

Antisocial behaviour reporting line

If you are a council tenant, please contact your local Advice and Support Hub.

Antisocial behaviour can be dealt with by: