Under review

The Make a Difference Funding Scheme is currently under review.

Please see Tenant Talk edition 21 for further details or alternatively Community Choices.

A 'Make a Difference' community projects fund has been set up by the Housing Service to encourage people to think of small projects that would make a big difference in their communities, and to work with us to see these projects take place.

The Housing Service are offering up to £5,000 to help you 'make a difference'.

Since 2014, our Registered Tenants' & Residents' Organisations have been working with local housing teams on similar projects. These have included:

  • a community garden project
  • a cycleway and footpath
  • seating and gardens in a local play park
  • new bin stores and soft landscaping
  • resurfacing a community car park
  • refurbishing a common room in a block of flats and sprucing up a back court
  • Installing a soft play area in a community centre
  • providing computer equipment and training to an elderly group

You can make a difference too!

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Who can apply?

You can apply for funding to the Make a Difference community projects fund if you are a:

  • Falkirk Council Tenant
  • A customer of the Housing Services (including Travelling Persons and Hostel residents)
  • A Registered Tenants and Residents Organisation

Applications must come from a group, consisting of at least 3 people.

Priority will be given to Registered Tenants' & Residents' Organisations, or people who are considering setting up such a group.

What is the project for?

The project you apply for should aim to:

  • Benefit Falkirk Council tenants
  • Help improve the quality of life in your community
  • Enhance the environment and/or improve the appearance of a housing estate where there are Falkirk Council tenants
  • Help solve a problem identified by you and your group

How much can I apply for?

The Housing Service will consider applications for projects up to the value of £5,000 subject to availability. Where a grant is awarded, the decision on the final value of the grant will be made by the 'Make a Difference' community projects award panel. There is no right to appeal their decision.

How often can I apply?

You can apply for funding from the 'Make a Difference' community projects fund as often as you like. However, we aim to support applications from across all areas and communities of Falkirk Council so multiple applications from one community are unlikely to be successful.

Applications for projects that were previously unsuccessful will not be considered unless the application is made in a different financial year.

What happens when you apply?

Your application for a grant will be considered by the 'Make a Difference' community projects award panel. The panel is made up of representatives from Housing Services' Senior Neighbourhood Co-ordinators, Community Engagement Team and Property and Asset Management Team.

You will receive a letter to tell you your application has been received. The panel will write to you once they have decided if your application has been successful or not. They might want to meet with you and/or ask for more information from you before making their final decision.

What happens if my application is successful?

If your application is successful, the panel will write to tell you. The grant will be awarded through the Housing Service at your local One Stop Shop or Neighbourhood Office. The staff there will work with you to make sure your project actually happens, so you will need to work closely with them. They will also make sure that you get value for money from your project and pay bills associated with the project on your behalf from the grant awarded.

What happens if you need more funding?

If you need more funds for your project in addition to the amount of grant awarded by the Housing Service, Falkirk Council's Funding Support Officer might be able to help. They can be contacted on 01324 506065. This officer will be able to give you advice on other places that offer funding.

When you are thinking about your project, you will also need to think about ongoing costs. For example, if you build a community garden, how much will it cost to keep the garden neat and tidy each year and how will this be paid for?

The Housing Service will not be responsible for ongoing costs, but you might want to ask for a contribution to ongoing costs as part of your grant.