Our Energy Team is here to help you with energy saving tips that are not only easy to carry out but can reward you with big savings.

Home Energy Scotland

To check if you qualify for any benefits or to get advice about insulation grants or different energy tariffs you can call Home Energy Scotland for free impartial energy advice on 08088 082282.

They also give advice on saving energy in your home, how to make your home warmer and save money, renewable energy technologies, waste prevention and much more.

Do you need help using your heating system?

When you move into a new house it's not always easy to know how to use your heating system. Energy Saving Trust have produced short videos giving you clear advice on how to use your:

Electric Storage Heating or Gas central heating

For further information and advice you can visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

Electric wet system

The majority of these systems were installed in areas not connected to the gas network and therefore cannot have gas central heating. These systems were installed to replace expensive and inefficient electric storage heating.

Following consideration of a number of factors, including the system running costs for tenants, it was determined, at that time, that the "Thermaflow" (Electric wet radiator system) on the Economy 2000 tariff was the best option available. At that time, tenants benefitted from a competitive tariff of 18 hours of off peak electricity with a unit rate at approx 5p/kwh.

However, over the last few years the cost of electricity has risen significantly for all customers. The off peak rate is now approximately 15p/kwh which has impacted greatly on the fuel bills that you now pay. Unfortunately, the Council has no influence on the costs utility companies charge. We are concerned that tenants are experiencing issues with the heating within their homes and therefore plan to address this. The actions and steps taken by us are documented in the Heating and Energy Efficiency Improvement Plans.

Heating and Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan - April 2021
Heating and Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan - Updated January 2020
Heating and Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan - Updated June 2020
Heating and Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan - December 2019

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Energy saving tips

Here are some handy tips that you can do for free to help you save energy and money.

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Close the door when you leave a room. It stops the warm air escaping.


Close your curtains when it gets dark to keep heat in and the cold out.


Don't put furniture or curtains in front of radiators. They will absorb the heat and stop it warming the room. If you have storage heaters, remember to close the damper or output dial (sometimes called the boost) before you go to bed or if you go out during the day.


By turning your room thermostat down one degree you can save 10% on your fuel bill without noticing any difference in your comfort. The recommended temperature for a living room is 21C. Set your hot water thermostat at 60C.

Only heat your hot water for the hours you need it. It is more expensive to leave it on all day. Set your thermostatic radiator valves higher in the rooms you use and lower in the rooms you don’t use.

Electrical appliances

Don't keep electrical appliances on standby because they still use energy. Turn them fully off when you’re not using them.


Put lids on pots when cooking. The food cooks quicker which saves energy and less moisture is released into the kitchen. If you have a gas cooker, keep the tip of the gas flame under the pan. The heat is in the tip not the side of the flame.


Only fill your kettle up with as much water as you need. But for safety remember to cover the element.


Hang washing outside wherever possible rather than using your tumble dryer. Tumble dryers use a large amount of energy. Use your 'half load' or 'economy' setting on your washing machine when you do not have a full load of washing.