Falkirk Council recognises the outstanding achievements of individuals and groups and the contributions people make to community life in the Falkirk Council area by hosting civic receptions or giving awards or gifts. We may be able to provide financial assistance towards catering or other costs to organisations arranging their own event to mark a special occasion.

Significant Anniversary

We can help recognise the special occasion of Falkirk residents who are celebrating their 100th birthday or couples celebrating their Diamond Wedding anniversary with a visit by the Provost.

Provost's Award

A Provost's award may be made to residents, former residents or individuals working in the area for:

  • Outstanding bravery
  • Exceptional contribution to the community
  • Exceptional contribution to the promotion of the area locally, nationally or internationally
  • Excellence in a chosen field such as academia, the arts, business, culture, science, sport or the voluntary sector
  • Other exceptional acts or achievements which the recognition panel deem appropriate.

Nominations can be submitted any time during the year.

Provost's Award nomination form

Dennis Canavan Scholarship

The Dennis Canavan Scholarship was established for the purpose of making a financial award to a pupil who is pursuing a full time course in further or higher education.

The scholarship fund was set up by Falkirk Council in recognition of the remarkable political contribution by Dennis Canavan to the life of the Falkirk community.

For over 3 decades, Dennis Canavan represented Falkirk West as an MP and later as its first MSP, until he retired in 2007. He has always been committed to supporting young people at all levels of education.

The Scholarship will make an award of £500 each year to a young person who is attending school, who lives in the Falkirk Council area and who has given notable service to others, for example:

  • Voluntary work
  • Charity sponsorship
  • Sports coaching
  • Caring for others

Anyone from a school or community organisation can nominate a young person. Nominations for the scholarship can be accepted up until 30 April for evaluation in May and award presentation in August or September.

Dennis Canavan Scholarship nomination form

Festival of Remembrance

The Festival of Remembrance is held annually on the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday. The event raises money for armed services charities and local organisations.

The festival combines an evening of entertainment involving local entertainers and a time of reflection and remembrance of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in two world wars and more recent conflicts.

For further information on any of the above, please contact Members' Services.