Banknock - St Modan's High School (service 653)

The under 22 bus pass can be used on this service.


Route Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kilsyth Road at Coneypark 7:35am 7:35am 7:35am 7:35am 7:35am
Bog Road (Banknock) 7:38am 7:38am 7:38am 7:38am 7:38am
Glenview Avenue (Banknock) 7:39am 7:39am 7:39am 7:39am 7:39am
Crown Hotel (Dennyloanhead) 7:48am 7:48am 7:48am 7:48am 7:48am
Head of Muir 7:51am 7:51am 7:51am 7:51am 7:51am
Glasgow Road (Denny) 7:54am 7:54am 7:54am 7:54am 7:54am
Dunipace 7:57am 7:57am 7:57am 7:57am 7:57am
St Modan's High School 8:20am 8:20am 8:20am 8:20am 8:20am


Route Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
St Modan's High School 3:25pm 3:25pm 2:35pm 2:35pm 2:35pm
Dunipace 3:43pm 3:43pm 2:52pm 2:52pm 2:52pm
Glasgow Road (Denny) 3:47pm 3:47pm 2:57pm 2:57pm 2:57pm
Dennyloanhead opp Crown Hotel 3:53pm 3:53pm 3:03pm 3:03pm 3:03pm
Bog Road/Kilsyth Road (Banknock) 4:00pm 4:00pm 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm
Kilsyth Road at Coneypark 4:11pm 4:11pm 3:21pm 3:21pm 3:21pm

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