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How to tell us you are retiring

Non LGPS member

If you decide to retire and are not a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), you should complete the retirement notification form and submit this to your manager. Your manager will complete a termination form on HR Forms.

Retirement notification form

LGPS members

Early & normal retirement or retirement after your State Pension Age (SPA)

If you are a member of the LGPS and wish to retire voluntarily at or after age 55, you should complete the retirement notification form and submit this to your manager.

Retirement notification form

Your manager will complete a termination form on HR Forms and email the Pensions team to confirm the last day of your contractual service.

You may wish to contact the Pensions team to confirm your date of retirement. Pensions will then contact you to arrange the payment of benefits, although it should be noted that such benefits cannot be calculated and paid until the Pensions team have details of both your leaving date and final pensionable pay.

The normal notice periods for any resignation are applicable. Payment of pension benefits is expected to be made within 4 – 6 weeks of the Pensions team receiving the relevant forms. If you retire before your SPA, your pensions may be reduced.

Continue working

No notification is required if you decide to continue to work beyond your state pension age.

Flexible retirement (LGPS members only)

If you are considering flexible retirement you should seek advice from the Pensions team, complete the flexible retirement application form and send it to the HR Helpdesk. You should submit your application 6 months before you want your flexible working to start as this will allow time for your application to be assessed.

There is no automatic right to flexible retirement.

Flexible retirement application form

Reduce hours or reduce grade

You must reduce your hours by 40% or reduce your grade to allow flexible retirement to be considered.

If there is a strain cost to release your pension, you will need to accept an actuarially reduced pension (ARP) to allow your pension benefits to be released. You may wish to seek advice from the Pensions team.

Your service will have to consider whether the change in working arrangements and any costs associated with the early payment of pension benefits can be accommodated. In all cases there must be savings equivalent to a minimum of 25% of your salary, net of costs, from approving the application, over a 5 year period.

The Chief Finance Officer, in conjunction with the Head of People, Technology & Transformation and your Service, will consider all relevant factors including costs, savings and changes to your contract of employment.

Your flexible retirement will only be approved where there is an identified business benefit and cost saving.

You should be informed in writing of the outcome 1 month before the requested start date of your new working pattern. You have the right to request a review of this decision through the grievance appeal process and reference is made to this within the letter explaining the decision.

Before letting you know if your application is refused, your manager will have contacted Human Resources to ensure that the test of objective justification is met before any discussion with you.

If you have Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC's) then you should contact the Pensions team to discuss this.

Recruitment checks

If you apply for flexible retirement and remain in your own post on a part time basis, you will not require any recruitment checks.

Where you move to a different post, the recruitment checks in our Recruitment and Selection policy will apply. You should contact Human Resources if you have any questions about this.