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Existing posts - vacancy management

Before recruiting to fill a vacant post, managers should consider available internal resources which could offer a budget saving including the following:

Changing existing jobs

Managers can review the existing establishment and make changes to meet Service demands. Changes should be made in consultation with existing jobholders and their Trade Union representatives, Human Resources (HR) and relevant Chief Officers. Changes must be reflected in the Job Profile. As this may result in a change of grade managers must seek advice from Human Resources for guidance on re-grading/job evaluation prior to advertising any vacancy. Sufficient time should be allowed for this and the grading team should be contacted at grading@falkirk.gov.uk. Where posts are changed, approval will be necessary as noted below.

Temporary posts

Managers can consider advertising the post on a temporary basis to allow flexibility or to trial different working hours or patterns. Other situations may occur where temporary appointments arise rather than permanent. This should be discussed with HR and Trade Union representatives given that this can have an impact on stability for the Council and individuals.

Redeployment of employees

Managers should consider current employees, modern apprentices, and graduates who are proceeding through the redeployment process before advertising or interviewing other candidates. Further information is available from the HR Helpdesk hrhelpdesk@falkirk.gov.uk or can be found in the Redeployment Policy.

Modern Apprentices/Trainee posts

Managers should consider creating modern apprentices or trainee opportunities for posts which are hard to fill. Further information is available from your HR Business Partner or the Employment and Training Unit.

Offering post on a more flexible basis

Managers should consider whether the post can be offered on a Hybrid basis in line with the Hybrid Working Policy or whether the post could be filled by 2 part time employees rather than 1 full time employee. This could help to support working parents and those with disabilities.


Budgets must be approved before recruiting to any type of post.

Approval for additional or amended posts

Additional/amended posts

Before proceeding to advertise a post, managers must ensure that they have a valid budgeted post and appropriate approval as shown below:

  • Obtain approval to create the post by submitting the relevant business case including appropriate funding.
  • Business Case
  • Any new or amended job profile should be sent with a completed grading request form to grading@falkirk.gov.uk. This will allow the grading process to start.

  • Consult with relevant employees and Trade Unions throughout the process.

Type of post/change Duration Approval Level
Temporary 12 months Service Managers
Temporary 12 and 24 months Heads of Service
Temporary Extended/created beyond 24 months* Directors/Chief Officer (Health & Social Care Partnership - HSCP)
Executive Committee
Additional Permanent Posts Executive Committee
Grading outcomes - own Service N/A Directors/Chief Officer (HSCP)
Grading outcomes - impact on more than one Service N/A Director of Corporate & Housing Services
Changing a post within existing establishments and budgets in own Service Directors/Chief Officer (HSCP) subject to a business case being presented, which must be retained by the service along with approval confirmation for audit purposes (including HR and Finance advice)

* recognising that anything beyond 24 months should normally have Member approval due to the employment rights incurred by the individuals

The approval process must be taken into account when determining timescales for establishing and recruiting to posts.

Once approval has been given for a new post and before recruitment starts the post must be added to the establishment on HR Forms Plus (HRFP) using the request a new post ID option. This is accessed through Inside Falkirk. A password is required and it must be an authorised user who completes the request.

The recruitment process below is generic to all posts; however there are exceptions for the recruitment of Head and Depute Headteachers for which the following procedure must be followed.

All posts must be advertised on www.myjobscotland.gov.uk. Adverts in other forms of media, such as Facebook, can be considered in certain circumstances. If there is an internal 'expressions of interest' process then the relevant Trade Union contacts should be informed.

The system used to administer the recruitment process is called Talentlink and managers should refer to the process guidelines.

Recruitment advertising request

The following documents and information are required before a post can be advertised:

  • Online Recruitment Advertising Request on HR Forms Plus (all sections must be completed).
  • Names of all people that need access to the vacancy online (for administration and shortlisting) and planned dates for shortlisting and interviewing.
  • Job profile.
  • Requirement for a criminal conviction check, for example Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) or Disclosure for Safer Recruitment purposes.
  • Pre-selection questions can be used as initial screening questions on myjobscotland – these should be based on the essential criteria of the person specification. Some examples may be asking whether the candidate holds the required qualification or has specific required experience.
  • Short advert – generic adverts are held by the Staffing & Recruitment team for regularly advertised posts.

Job profile

This is a broad statement of the purpose, scope, duties and responsibilities of a post and is used throughout the recruitment process.

It outlines the essential and desirable criteria required for the post. Essential criteria are those qualities that are absolutely necessary to carry out the duties of the post. Desirable criteria are those which would help the candidate to perform the job more effectively. Criteria must be non-discriminatory.

All profiles will include Gaelic as essential or desirable, as appropriate to the post and in line with the Council's Gaelic Language Plan. The standard of spoken English must be clear and relevant for the requirements of the job, for example this will be essential for public facing roles.

All job profiles should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain relevant. If changes are made, advice in relation to grading/job evaluation should be sought from grading@falkirk.gov.uk.

Choosing advertising sources

There are a number of different options for advertising vacancies depending on the nature of the post:

  • Internal only vacancies will be advertised on Inside Falkirk and myjobscotland
  • All other posts will be advertised on Inside Falkirk and myjobscotland and may be advertised on the Council's social media platforms and Job Centre Plus. This is a cost effective way of advertising vacancies and consideration should be given to using this advertising source alone to minimise recruitment costs
  • Professional/Managerial/Teaching – national press, professional journals and additional websites can be considered in exceptional circumstances and only if unsuccessful after using myjobscotland

Depending on the vacancy and associated costs, appropriate advertising sources should be selected in consultation with HR and within budget constraints. The use of recruitment agencies should only be considered in exceptional circumstances and only after consultation with your HR Business Partner and appropriate Trade Unions. All appropriate procurement and HR paperwork must be completed if an agency appointment is being made.


Recruitment requests must be submitted using HRFP attaching the advert and job profile. These are normally processed by Staffing & Recruitment within 3-5 working days after the service approve the recruitment request, with a closing date of two weeks after advertising. There is an information document attached to all posts to explain terms and conditions and employee benefits. Services may wish to submit additional information about the post and service which can also be made available to candidates on myjobscotland.

The language in all job adverts must be clear and free from bias so that all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Where Gaelic has been included as an essential criteria for a post, the job advert must be produced in both Gaelic and English, in line with the Council's Gaelic Language Plan. It should be noted that this may add to the administration timescales to enable translation of the advert.

In the case of national press adverts, Staffing & Recruitment will pass a final proof copy of the press advert to the recruiting manager, along with details of the advertising costs, where timescales allow.

Application process

Candidates should use the application form on myjobscotland to apply online by the closing date.

Candidates will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of their application. Using an application form ensures that all candidates provide consistent information to help the panel to shortlist against the essential and desirable criteria.

Application forms can be made available in alternative formats on request. CVs can be accepted for certain posts.


If you have offered a post and the candidate does not proceed, you can go back to interviewed candidates (if they were suitable) within 6 weeks of the interviews.