Your health and wellbeing at work is our highest priority and we are always looking for ways we can enhance the support we provide. That's why we've partnered with Able Futures.

Able Futures delivers the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service which can give you a mental health professional to talk to about whatever is on your mind.

There's no charge to use the service and, over 9 months, support from Able Futures can help you learn how to take care of yourself so can feel more able to tackle issues, feel better and learn new ways to manage your mental health throughout the ups and downs of life.

When there is something on your mind that is affecting the way you feel, you can contact Able Futures for support.

If you are experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression or stress, or are struggling to deal with problems such as debt, disrupted sleep or relationship breakdowns that may be affecting your mental health, Able Futures could give you support from a mental health professional who will help you make a plan to help your mental health, so you can feel better and have more good days.

Support from Able Futures is available over the phone, video calls and through email. There's no waiting list and it's a completely confidential service. Able Futures won't inform us, your colleagues, family or friends that you have accessed the service.

If you feel you could benefit from some support with your mental health and wellbeing, contact Able Futures to find out more about the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service and sign up online.