The physical space in which people work is changing. Sitting down too much throughout the day can adversely affect your health. Being more active in the workplace (even if working remotely) has proven benefits for individual's health and your team's performance. A simple way to tap in to this healthier and more creative workplace is to take part in standing meetings.

Why have a standing meeting?

Improve health and team performance:

  • They increase attendee's alertness during the meeting.
  • Burn 50% more calories than sitting meetings.
  • Support a heathy life by helping digest breakfast or lunch.
  • Standing meetings are on average 33% shorter than normal meetings.
  • More likely to end on time or even early.
  • People are less likely to show up late due to the pace of the meeting.

How to prepare for your first standing meeting

Prior to the meeting starting, inform the participants they will be attending a standing meeting. Include that it's a standing meeting in the calendar invite and provide the reasons why.

Ready the room by arriving early and push the chairs against the wall to get them out the way.

During the initial meetings, consider setting a timer to stand for 10 minutes, then sit for 10 minutes and repeat until the meeting is complete.

You can also have a standing meeting if you are working from home. Instead of sitting at your workstation for video conference meetings why don’t you stand for this meeting and encourage others in the meeting to do so. On a long telephone conversation, stand up and walk about, again this will have the benefits of a standing meeting.