We are working in challenging and unprecedented times.

This may be having an impact on your mental health making you feel unsettled, anxious and unable to cope.

We have a number of trained Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) throughout the organisation who are able to offer initial mental health support to anyone who may need it. If you feel that you may benefit from speaking to a MHFA, please see below for contact details. MHFAs are available during their normal working hours.

If you should require assistance out with working hours, support is available at Breathing Space or by contacting the Samaritans.

We would encourage all staff to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing and look after that of their colleagues. This Wellbeing section has resources to support you through the ups and downs in the coming weeks and months. Please pass on this information to anyone who may not have access to email.

Further information on Mental Health Services and Well-being Support Services in the Falkirk Council area can be found on our employee wellbeing page.

Mental Health First Aider Email Contact number
Victoria Gordon victoria.gordon@falkirk.gov.uk 01324 506378
Stewart Livingstone stewart.livingstone@falkirk.gov.uk 07939 594549
Annette Kerr annette.kerr@falkirk.gov.uk 07483 424607
Glenda Bird glenda.bird@falkirk.gov.uk 07795 023912
Gary Henderson gary.henderson@falkirk.gov.uk 07841 883501
Julie Mckinven julie.mckinven@falkirk.gov.uk 07958 422200
Lloyd Muir lloyd.muir@falkirk.gov.uk 07483 923933
Lesley Syme lesley.syme@falkirk.gov.uk N/A
Fiona Duff fiona.duff@falkirk.gov.uk 07808 509685
Debbie Jackson debbie.Jackson@falkirk.gov.uk N/A
Shirley Walsh shirley.walsh@falkirk.gov.uk N/A
John Spears john.spears@falkirk.gov.uk 07521 017974
Kevin Mullen kevin.mullen@falkirk.gov.uk 07793 721554