Muiravonside is a large scale Country Park set on the banks of the river Avon.

There are around 70 hectares of woodlands, parkland and gardens which once formed the Muiravonside Estate. There is also an intricate path network that connects the park's major features.

The woodland consists of a wide variety of trees and shrubs including oak, ash, hazel, yew and birch. The ground flora includes species such as primrose, bluebell, dog's mercury and cuckoo-pint.

The park is home to numerous birds including pied flycatcher, green woodpecker and most recently, nuthatch.

There's a wide range of spaces and walks, good visitor facilities, play area and a good footpath connection to the Union Canal which runs through part of the park.

The site offers a health and educational resource as well as a good recreational resource.

For more information about this park, please visit the Falkirk Community Trust website.