Flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It is not only illegal, but unattractive and can be dangerous especially to children and wildlife. Flytipped waste includes:

  • old furniture
  • garden waste
  • construction debris

We have powers to take action against flytipping under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

You can also contact the Environmental Enforcement Team:

We will need a location and description of what has been dumped. It is helpful if you can provide us with a description of the people or vehicles involved.

If you are caught flytipping, you could face a large fine or even time in prison. We will investigate all reports of flytipping on public land. If we can identify who has left the rubbish, we will issue the person responsible with a Fixed Penalty Notice or send a report to the Procurator Fiscal.

Private landowners are advised to secure their land against flytipping. If you own private land, it is your responsibility to clear up any flytipping and dispose of the waste correctly.

Disposing of waste