Working together we will create a cleaner Falkirk. It's never been more important to be vigilant and question what is being done with our waste, this will help to reduce flytipping.

What you can do to dispose of your waste responsibly

If you are a business, sole trader or just someone looking to get rid of excess waste, the law is clear - it's your responsibility to dispose of your waste. This must be done in a safe and legal way that minimises harm to the environment.

If you have produced more waste than normal, or have bulky items that you need to get rid of, you may be tempted to hire a 'white van man' to get rid of your waste. However there can be drawbacks to this option.

Cheap adverts for uplifts on social media may be appealing but by giving your waste to an unregistered waste carrier, could result in your waste potentially being fly tipped without you even realising.

What is a waste carrier and broker?

Any person or organisation that takes waste away is known as a waste carrier.

When a person or organisation stores the waste of others before passing it on, they are known as a waste broker.

It is important to make sure that anyone you give your waste to is a registered waste carrier or broker. You can check if a company is registered on the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency's (SEPA) website.

Giving waste to an unregistered carrier or broker is against the law. The law also states that even after waste has been taken away, you are still responsible for it. If your collected waste is flytipped you could be held responsible and may be fined or taken to court if it is traced back to you.

It's your waste, be diligent and take responsibility.

Top tips for disposing of your waste responsibly

Use only registered waste carriers and brokers

Ask to see paper work showing they are a registered waste carrier or broker. Registered waste carriers and brokers will be ready for this and won't mind providing you with this information.

You can also check for local businesses via the Buy with Confidence scheme. This is a national initiative which vets and approves legitimate local businesses before allowing them to join and promote themselves as a reputable company to consumers.

Ask where your waste is being taken to and how it will be processed.

You must complete a waste transfer note and keep this in your records for 2 years.

Are your items reusable?

If your waste is in good condition, you could consider donating it for reuse. This helps those in need within the community. There are a number of re-use organisations in the Falkirk area:

Bulky uplift service

We offer a bulky uplift collection service. Residents are entitled to one free bulky uplift a year (up to 5 items).

If you've used your free uplift, you can pay for additional uplifts as needed.

Household recycling centres

Residents can also take waste to the Roughmute and Kinneil Kerse recycling centres.

Small trader tipping permits

Businesses operating out of a residential property or vehicle can purchase small trader tipping permits at the Kinneil Kerse recycling centre. You can also check the SEPA website for a list of private waste centres.