Our Housing Needs Assessment Officer will carry out your homeless assessment, and make sure you have a housing application registered with us. You should start bidding straight away, even before you have received the decision on your homeless application.

If the outcome of the assessment is that you are found to be homeless, your housing application will be updated to a Home Seeker. You can then bid for properties advertised for Home Seekers through Homespot.

You will only be made one offer of accommodation (for a permanent tenancy.) If you refuse this offer, we might be unable to assist further. If you are in temporary accommodation provided by us, you will need to leave this.

If you have not made any bids on advertised properties for more than 3 months, you will be directly matched to the next available property. This means we will make you an offer of a property without you bidding, and this will be considered your one offer of accommodation.

If there are no suitable properties advertised that meet your needs in a 3 month period, please contact our team to discuss.

When offering you reasonable permanent accommodation, we will do our best to take into consideration your access to:

  • friends and family who actively support you
  • your place of work
  • your children's current schools
  • suitable healthcare services you depend on
  • support services to help you maintain your tenancy

We are actively trying to make homelessness as short as possible.

Not homeless

If you are found not to be homeless, then your application banding will not change. You will still be able to bid for properties in the band you are placed in.

Right to review

If you do not agree with your assessment decision, believe your temporary accommodation is unsuitable or if you have been offered secure/permanent accommodation and do not wish to proceed, you have a legal right to a review.

We would advise you to get independent professional advice.

Reviews are carried out by a senior officer not directly involved with decision making on your case.

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