When you make a homelessness application your Housing Needs Assessment Officer will carefully consider all the facts you provided. When we make a decision on your application, we will write to you and explain the reasons for this decision.

If you do not agree with this decision, you can request a review of this.

You must request a review within 21 days of receiving the written decision letter. The 21 days start from the date that you receive the letter. You can request a review verbally or in writing. If you make the request in writing, please keep a copy of this for your own records.

Reasons for review

You can only request a review for the following reasons:

  • You have been found not homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • You have been found intentionally homeless
  • You don't have a local connection to this area
  • You have been found to have a local connection to a different area to Falkirk
  • Temporary / permanent accommodation that is:
    • overcrowded
    • in an unreasonable condition
    • does not meet any special needs you or your family may have
  • Secure / permanent offer of accommodation:
    • accommodation is not reasonable in terms of what vacancies we can reasonably predict
    • does not meet any special needs you or your family may have

If you are unhappy with how your case has been handled, but it does not meet one of the reasons above, please contact either your Assessment Officer or the Housing Needs Team on 01324 503600 to discuss.

What happens next

The review will be carried out by a Senior Officer not directly involved with decision making on your case. We will notify you of the result and aim to write within 28 working days with the outcome of your review. If you are invited to a meeting you can be accompanied.

Temporary or permanent accommodation

If you are offered secure/permanent accommodation that you don't think is suitable. You can either:

  1. Move into the property you have been offered and request a review within 21 days. If your review is successful, you will be able to bid for another property. If you are unsuccessful the property will be confirmed in writing as your permanent accommodation.

  2. Remain in your temporary accommodation whilst the review is being carried out. If the review is successful, you will be able to bid for another property.

If the review is unsuccessful, the offer of permanent accommodation will be withdrawn and you will have to leave your temporary accommodation.

If you are thinking of putting in a review, we would recommend you get independent, professional advice. Once the review has been carried out, you cannot appeal this decision. Should you remain dissatisfied with our decision the next step is applying for a judicial review.

Judicial review

Judicial review is a specialised type of court procedure that can be used to challenge the way we have made a decision that affects you. By going down the route of judicial review, you're asking the Court of Session to:

  • look at how the decision was made (and not whether the decision itself was right or wrong)
  • check that we did not abuse our powers
  • check that we acted lawfully.

To request a judicial review, you must raise a 'petition for judicial review'.

If your case gets to this stage, we recommend seeking legal advice.

Further advice and support

Where else can you get advice? has information about other agencies that can help you.