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An image of the buoy with a bird on top

A two tonne maritime mooring buoy thought to be designed by renowned 19th century pioneering engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel will soon have a new home in Bo’ness.

Falkirk Council is working with the Upper Forth Boat Club and the Bo’net Group to ‘land’ the buoy and set about restoring it to its original state so it can be used to help with the interpretation of the history and the heritage of the area.

The project will see experts consulted over the best way to preserve the buoy as well as seeking external funding for its restoration.

It is expected that the buoy will be lifted out of the docks in Bo’ness on Friday 20 March with work starting at 10am.

Councillor Adrian Mahoney, Falkirk Council’s spokesperson for Culture, Leisure and Tourism said: “It’s long been a local rumour that ‘Brunel’s bouy’ had some historic significance attached to it and this is our opportunity to find out more.

“We’re looking to attract external funding to find out more about the buoy and more importantly, preserve it as part of the area’s rich maritime and industrial heritage.

“It is also hoped that its restoration will be part of a local video project so that future generations can learn about it.”

The buoy is approximately 2.5m by 2.5m and was part of a pair that were situated in the middle of the dock (the original other having now sunk). It is thought that the buoy dates from between the 1820s and 1850s.

It is made of iron plates riveted together and would have been fixed to the bottom of the dock with chains and anchors.

A similar ‘Brunel Buoy’ is already on display in a dock in Wales.