A licence is required to operate a business buying and/or selling certain types of second-hand goods in Falkirk.

Falkirk Council has resolved that the dealing in the following classes of good or articles require to be licensed:-

  • household effects, including electrical and gas goods and home entertainment
  • personal effects including clothing, watches, jewellery, photographic equipment and mobile telephone equipment
  • bicycles and scooters
  • motor vehicles, motor cycles and caravans including spare parts, accessories and tyres
  • manufactured goods
  • antiques, paintings, historical prints and maps
  • stamps and coins
  • antique and modern furniture and soft furnishings
  • sports equipment
  • personal computers, laptops, tablets and associated computing equipment.
  • musical instruments
  • DVD and Blu-ray discs, CDs and vinyl records
  • DIY equipment
  • audio equipment
  • prams, buggies and baby equipment

To operate the business of Second Hand Dealing in the Falkirk Council area you need a licence. Licences are issued by Falkirk Council in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

Generally a Second Hand Dealer Licence is granted for 3 years and costs £263 for both new and renewal applications.

How to apply

The second hand dealer licence application form is available for download.

Application for the grant or renewal of a Second Hand Dealer Licence

You can also get an application form by contacting us directly:

Licensing Section
Municipal Buildings
West Bridge Street