Latest update

A new governance structure has been revealed that will ensure all Council of the Future (COTF) projects deliver on our new priorities.

To make that happen, we’ve aligned our workstreams to Communities, Enterprise, and Innovation, and established three new boards that will help radically transform our services.

Although the new boards will have responsibility for driving forward all 23 projects that currently sit within the COTF programme, their main focus will be delivering large-scale change through our priority projects.

To find out what our priority projects are and where they sit within our new structure visit Council of the Future.

The new set-up means our current workstreams and associated boards will be wound up this month (October), with the first meetings of the new boards taking place in November.

Taking up the mantle

New boards bring new leadership, and project managers will now be supported by the following Senior Responsible Owners (SRO) and Chairs:

  • Communities – Kenny Gillespie (SRO) and Ian Dryden (Chair)
  • Enterprise – Pete Reid (SRO) and Annemarie Neilson (Chair)
  • Innovation – Karen Algie (SRO) and Stuart Lennie (Chair)

As well as offering support and encouragement, the Chairs and SROs will keep project managers on track with our end goal - realising the aims of each new priority as well as the ambitions set down in a range of plans crucial to the area’s recovery.

SROs will also be responsible for feeding successes and issues to the Make it Happen Board, with the Council of the Future Board continuing to provide overarching scrutiny of the programme.

SRO and Chair roles will be reviewed after 12 months.

Increased accountability

It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable - Moliere

In his email to new SROs and Chairs, Stuart Ritchie, SRO, Council of the Future change programme, stressed the new governance structure would only be successful if “leaders understand - and are guided by - our priorities in how we run teams and services”.

He said: “We need to support each other in delivering on our priorities and challenge colleagues if decisions are being made that do not sit well with these. Importantly, we need to work together on a cross-council basis to ensure this is a success.

“We will do this through a change in our culture and a commitment to project management, both of which are critical to the transformation of our council. We also need to increase accountability for delivering on big projects too.

“Our communities said they do not expect us to be perfect, but they do expect us to have clear pathways to deliver change.”

He also drove home the need for increased accountability at the Council of the Future Board on 7 October and emphasised the necessity for project managers to have clear milestones for their projects..