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Whether you work for the council and live locally or are a member of the public that lives in the Falkirk Council area, we want to hear from you.

With most things in life, you can’t improve if you don’t ask for feedback and then act on what you've been told.

As a Council, we are no different. If we are to modernise and improve our services, we need to hear what you think of our performance – what we’re doing well and what we could improve.

It’s important that we hear from as many of you as possible, because everyone that lives in the Falkirk Council area relies on several services we provide.

Making it easy

A short survey has been created to make it easier to share your views. The survey also provides space to add your own thoughts.

Some may recognise the questions, as nearly 200 people filled in the same survey earlier this year.

Only by asking the same questions can we see if perceptions have changed and whether the actions we’ve taken since the last survey have benefitted communities, or if there’s still much work to do.

The survey takes five minutes to complete. You can fill it in anonymously – or provide your email address – whichever you are most comfortable with.

Your thoughts need to be submitted by 19 November.

Survey results

In the past, we’ve not been great at explaining how we will use survey results, nor kept you consistently in the loop when feedback has shaped decision making.

We are determined to change that.

Once the survey closes and the results analysed, we will share the outcomes:

  • directly with you if you provided an email address
  • online so that everyone has an opportunity to view them on Falkirk Performs – our customer satisfaction web page
  • in a report to Elected Members to help shape their thinking and add to how performance is scrutinised
  • with our leadership and management teams so they are better informed when making decisions
  • consider how the results could shape the projects in our Council of the Future change programme

When decisions are made that have been shaped by the responses given to the survey, we’ll make that clear in the appropriate committee reports and in relevant news content.