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Employees will not be able to access MyView, the Council's HR & Payroll system, over the festive period.

From 24 December to 10 January, the system will be down to allow essential work to take place that will bring major benefits to both employees and managers.

Over the 2-week period, the system will be moved to a cloud-based environment to increase security and resilience and pave the way for the launch of a MyView app in the New Year.

Plan ahead

With advanced notice of the system being down, Payroll is advising employees and managers to ensure any requests and authorisations are made in advance of 24 December.

If that isn’t possible, the team advise keeping a secure note of the information that needs to be inputted so it can easily be added to the system once MyView is back up and running on 10 January.

Lisa Martin, Senior HR Systems & Payroll Officer, stressed the downtime was essential and would allow the team to "modernise the system and make it easier for everyone to use".

She said:

“We understand the system being down at any time of the year isn’t ideal, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we chose the festive period because it is traditionally the quietest time of year for Payroll.”

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