Falkirk’s Care at Home Service is experiencing significant disruption due to extreme absence rates and the impact of Covid 19. 

Staffing availability within the Council and across our External Care at Home providers are at critical levels which will impact our ability to continue to provide services and support to the most vulnerable within our communities over the coming weeks.??  

We know that many of you may be looking forward to a break over the next few weeks, however, we would urge you to consider whether you would be able to provide some support to our Care at Home service.?  

Please get in touch if you are PVG registered and can help deliver crucial care at home over the next few weeks by either: 

  • working additional hours, OR 

  •  be redeployed for some or all of your hours to the Care at Home Service.? 

This request goes to all of our employees, including managers but in particular employees within SWAS and or Children’s Services who may work in a caring environment.? 

We have set up in-house training for anyone interested in helping us.??The training will take place on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 December between 12-3pm on each day at the Dundas Centre, Grangemouth. We may set up further training next week if necessary. 

If you think you could provide some support, please contact your line manager as a matter of urgency.? If you would be able to provide some level of support but you are not PVG checked, then please still get in touch as we may be able to use your support in some way. 

Payment Arrangements 

Employees will be paid the following for working in homecare as a volunteer: 

  • Paid at their substantive rate if delivering care during their normal working hours 

  • Paid at time and a half for all hours worked on public holidays 

  • Paid overtime rate at time and a half for all hours worked beyond 37 hours 

The above rates and enhancements will also be payable for training and will be available until 10th January 2022, at which stage the situation will be reviewed. 

Alternatively, you may know of a family member or friend who receives care at home services. Could you step in to provide some of that care and release those hours back to the service who can reprioritise them? Training could still be provided to you if this was needed. 

If you are interested, please contact:

 Thank you for your continued support.